rack off moll
lisayyye: omgggg love your blog, so good! im obsessed with puberty blues and this is just perf

haha thankyou!

yungbaddiee: sent in the submit! thank you !!

I had a look and I honestly can’t find it, the only thing I can suggest is cropping it and uploading it here http://audiotag.info/index.php to see if it can find it. sorry! 

Anonymous: it's on youtube, can i send you the link and you'll see?

yep yep! submit it you can’t send the link


Anonymous: what song was cheryl listening to when her mom was yelling at her about her new boyfriend in season 1 episode 6? she was holding that changing color decorative sparkler thing.

I honestly can’t remember, sorry, maybe try googling the lyrics or looking up a soundtrack

Anonymous: don't post my answers then bitch

woah relax I’ve been busy and not on tumblr, you need to calm down

Anonymous: Hahahaha "white drug" it's probably cocaine.

haha well it could have that, heroin, ecstasy idk hahaha

Anonymous: do they show any cutting in puberty blues?

sue carves danny’s name into her leg but it wasn’t the sort of cutting I think you’re referring to so other than that, there was none that I can remember

Anonymous: do they do drugs in puberty blues? what kinds of drugs do they do?

yeah, there’s smoking (marijuana and tobacco), and a white drug (not exactly sure what it is, that’s injected and snorted

glitterpetals: Do you know if there is coming a season 3? Pleaase i need to know

I have no idea

Anonymous: should I watch seasons 1&2 online? or will I be obsessed & sad that there might not be a season 3? dilemma ugh

do itttttttt, well worth it regardless of a lack of season 3

Anonymous: So you know if they're making another season ?

nah, hopefully though


Brenna Harding and Ashleigh Cummings
Anonymous: do u know how old jack horsley is?

his facebook says 21 this year

Anonymous: how old are debbie and sue meant to be in season 1&2?

about sixteen+