rack off moll
pub-ertyblues: Puberty Blues today yaay!! ❤️

Yay! I’m going to miss it because of work :(

Anonymous: Are you Australian? Gosh I wish I had an Australian accent:(

yes I am, haha everyone always wants someone else’s accent

Anonymous: What do you think of woody?

I like him, I think he’s a cutie

Anonymous: I don't think woody's that hot but I find him adorable, I mean he's so sweet to Sue and he just seems so innocent so despite his looks I still like him haha, do you think he's cute?

yes same I think he’s adorable!! He seems to really like sue as well

Anonymous: Does it come on every week because honestly I can't wait that long, I really want to know what happens with sue and woody and what Gary does:'( it's killing me

yup! I know me too ahh a week is too long!!

eguov: Omg I love puberty blues so much last episode was so good and I'm so glad I found your blog xo

same! I thought so too ah so much happened! thanks xo


Puberty Blues - Season 2 Episode 1